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IDOD Continuous Outside Zinc / Inside Paint Process


The continuous outside zinc / inside paint process was invented in 1960 by Mr. Theodore Krengel – the Founder and Chairman of IDOD Systems!


     Ted founded Allied Tube and Conduit in 1960 based on his continuous in-line OD galvanizing line.  Ted’s goal at the time was to produce 5,000 tons per year.  When Ted sold Allied to Tyco Grinnell in 1987, Allied was producing over 500,000 tons out of 2 facilities, and had supplied the coating technology to 10 licensee’s worldwide.  Now, the OD coating process and its variations are producing over 2 billion tons worldwide.


     All of the IDOD associates worked with Ted at his previous facilities, and under Ted’s guidance, IDOD has designed and installed 2 additional OD galvanizing / ID paint lines in Mexico and Malaysia.


Produce with Hot Rolled Substrate!!


     With the cost of Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO) and Cold Rolled (CR) excessively high, IDOD has developed a High Speed oxide cleaning system that allows the tube producer to purchase much less expensive Hot Rolled (HR).  The system has been installed and operational for over 10 years.


State of the Art OD Painting Systems!!


     As OD painting systems have developed away from in-efficient flood and wipe high VOC process’s to No VOC UV Coatings and Water Borne coatings, IDOD has adapted as well.  High quality clear and colored coatings can be applied at high tube mill speeds successfully.  We have successfully installed UV and Micro-wave curing systems with Spray booth or Vacuum coater applications.

     IDOD will not only supply the system, but will set up a relationship with one of the most successful in-line paint manufacturers.  The customer will have class and lab opportunities at the paint suppliers main facility that will immediately transform our customer to knowledgeable paint and process operators.


Production Training!!


     The IDOD Systems know-how is more than just installing the equipment, turning it on – and walking away.  Our trained staff includes high-speed in-line coating operators.  We will show the customer how to set up the mill correctly, how to make adjustments on the fly.  How to run a mill that is both high speed and up to 3 or 4 times longer than the mill they currently operate. 

     IDOD does not supply just equipment – we provide a system with system training.


Go with History and Experience!!


     The In-Line OD galvanized and painted – ID painted process is a tried and true process that nobody knows better than the man who invented it – Ted Krengel.  With over 120 years of combined process experience, you can be confident you have made the correct choice.


     IDOD Systems are guaranteed to meet the specifications you need.


The IDOD In-Line OD Galvanizing / ID Painting Systems

The most advanced systems available worldwide.


For more information, contact us at:  IDOD Systems, LLC, P.O. Box 1635, Homewood, IL; 60430

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